Corey Energizes Conferences And Meetings

Corey’s engaging speaking style helps you see the same things in new ways. He asks questions audiences can’t ignore. He tells stories they don’t forget. He prompts laughter that stirs each heart. He provides challenges that lead to growth. And he creates memories that last.

Connecting With People

It’s not about Corey or his ideas, it’s about your audience and their growth. As a broadcaster, political strategist, pastor and coach, Corey understands what makes people listen, remember and act; he brings that to every speech he gives.

Creating Memories

Conference and meeting planners want more than just a feel-good address from their keynote speaker. They usually want something people will remember. Corey’s talks are talked about, his thinking is thought about and his suggestions stick.

Simple Message

Get it done. Make it happen. Start today. Quite simply, Corey is about “do-how” not “know-how.” The people who “do” are the ones who get ahead. Organizations who “do” make a difference.

For more information:  info@coreyolynik.com


Corey Gets People Talking

Boards, work-teams, business families all find that when you don’t talk about the real stuff, the future is chaotic. When you do, anything’s possible. Corey’s unique style ensures that everyone is heard; then together you prepare for the breakthroughs.

Wrestle With Things That Matter

Focus is so important – what we choose to discuss defines what we’ll end up doing. Corey guides the conversation to the things that really matter to the organization, its people and its future. And he won’t stop with talk – who’s going to do what by when – you must decide that now!

“How Does That Work?”

When the conversation is going nowhere quickly, or when it’s not really happening at all, Corey is often the spark to make it move. Perhaps a workshop, seminar, retreat or group meeting is required soon: engage Corey to make it work.

For more information:  info@coreyolynik.com


Corey Gets Leaders Focused

Corey’s coaching helps you see yourself – what you can do, what you can’t do, what you’re afraid of doing and what you’re just postponing. Every leader needs someone they can trust, someone they can talk with about anything and everything.

So What?

Corey’s unique approach, his pathological curiosity and his unwavering belief that you can make it happen makes it happen for you. Find clarity. Establish bold intentions. Design an impactful plan. Execute with passion and determination. Realize measurable results. And…enjoy the ride!

For more information:  info@coreyolynik.com