About Corey

“I am passionate about seeing individuals and organizations thrive; that sums me up,” says Corey Olynik, author, speaker and leadership agitator. “I ask tough questions. I push for innovative solutions. I demand focussed action.”

A sought-after professional facilitator and mentor since the 90’s, Corey works with difference-makers* in a number of different fields: entrepreneurs, political figures, not-for-profit leaders. “Most find themselves trapped ‘in their organization’ and unable to work ‘on their organization.’ Helping people make that transition (that leap!) is my passion.”

Corey is a former broadcast executive, political strategist, pastor and corporate ladder-climber. He is an author, speaker and mentor/coach for business, non-profit and faith community leaders. Author of The Mentor’s Mentor, he also co-founded (with Wayne Stewart) Executive Directions, an innovative capacity-building program for high potential leaders in the non-profit sector. His next big project – The Tomorrow Institute – is being designed to encourage leaders to become thought leaders in their industry and their community.

He has been publishing a weekly leadership question for over ten years that appears in inboxes worldwide every Monday morning prompting difference-makers to look at life and leadership with fresh eyes. And his column “Time Out with the Coach” appeared monthly in CalgaryIncmagazine.

Raised in Moose Jaw and educated in Saskatchewan and Kentucky, (plus some Executive Education at the Harvard Kennedy School), Corey is President of the Board of Directors at the ALEX Community Health Centre, an active Rotarian, a member of First Alliance Church, CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) and Mensa.

Corey uncovers excuses and demands progress. As he says: “I love being in the room when someone’s lights go on.”

* leaders of vibrant non-profits, enlightened corporations and spunky social enterprises