I read. I listen. I surf the net. I talk to people. Some things slide through my mind, some things stick.

What follows are words. Words I hope will get you thinking. Get you moving. Get you making a difference.

I’ll update this as I encounter new things and have more to share.

- Corey


We hear a lot about mentoring. Not many resources to show us how to do it with impact. This book lives up to that promise.

The Mentor’s Mentor is practical. The Mentor’s Mentor is inspiring. The Mentor’s Mentor is challenging. The Mentor’s Mentor is entertaining.

Absorb this book and you’ll be a better mentor, a better spouse, a better friend, a better boss, a better human being. Read this book and you’ll conclude, along with thousands of others, that Corey Olynik is The Mentor’s Mentor.