Seventeen years ago I started LifeQues with a clear purpose: send it every week, make it short and easy to read and, most importantly, add genuine value to my friends, clients, colleagues, suppliers, supporters and anyone who showed interest. It’s been a labour of love. I’ve appreciated your feedback and your “How did you know what I needed this week?!” comments.


What have you learned, how have you grown, what new idea or perspective or approach has come to you as a result of this weekly question? Comment to share with us your insight.

And to end with a challenge: how do you add value free of charge to the people in your orbit?

  1. Andre Martin /

    Corey….thank you for getting the engine started each Monday!
    Andre Martin

  2. stephanie zarus /

    Corey, With all that is going on the world, how could you possibly stop motivating, inspiring and cajoling people to think bigger?! The one thing that hits me today is this—succession planning. Where is your successor? I enjoyed meeting you, knowing you and getting your messages each week. It always gave me a focal point, a mantra of sorts. May our leadership circles cross once again. All the best to you!