Originally Published September 27th, 2010

I heard singer James Taylor say he never knew when he first sang “You’ve Got a Friend” that he’d be singing it every day for the rest of his life. I wonder now if I’ll be writing LifeQues for Leaders for the rest of mine. And if so, can I keep it fresh and alive?


What are you planning to start in the next few weeks that just might work? What if it lasts forever? Will you start things differently knowing you could be doing them a decade from now?

  1. Chuck Rose /

    Hi Corey. What a great question. JT actually stopped singing Fire & Rain for several years because he was tired of it. I would love to write a song that was so good that people still asked for it 40 years later. It’s blogs like this that have made me unsubscribe from your email list, because I am am trying to focus on creating something of my own and I just can’t resist being distracted by great questions like this one.
    Chuck Rose .

    • Corey Olynik /

      Hi Chuck – I think restlessness breeds creativity. Maybe we can inspire each other.