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We know this. Why don’t we do it?
Perhaps we get monitoring customer service wrong. Many of us have processes to ask the customer, “How are we doing?” I wonder if that’s the smart question; why ask about us when it’s about them?


What if organizations change the “how are we doing?” question to “how are you doing?” In your context, what will that question sound like? How might you follow up to ensure you appreciate the customers’ experience with your people, product and/or service? How might you do that without looking inward…keeping it about them?

  1. Doug MacDonald /

    Along a similar vain last week, during a culture of safety workshop, one of my colleagues suggested we change the “morning safety meeting”. Instead of just reviewing what we’ve learned from incidents, she suggested we also ask everyone “what can we do to make sure you are safe today?” Too often we focus on the team or the corporation instead of making it personal which is where relationships, trust and team come from.