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Everyone has a team, not just you as the leader. And, because of the responsibilities and expected outcomes for each employee, their teams are not identical. Have you thought about that – who makes up the team for each of your key people…not the org-chart team but the functional team? And, here’s the oft-left-out answer to that question — where do you fit as a member of each of those teams?


Do your people see you as a participating member of their team? Do they see you as an asset or an impediment to reaching their objectives? Do they value your contribution to their activities and their success? How can you be sure? Having thought about this, can you articulate your role as a contributing member on each of those teams?

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    Hi Corey…my brother Paul suggested i subscribed to your weekly newsletter. Hope all is well. He told me a bit about your history…small world.Andre Martin Penticton, BC