There are some questions you never ask clients but you’d love to know their responses. There are lots of reasons. We’re timid. We don’t want to offend. We don’t want to appear dumb. We are afraid of what we’ll hear.


Call your team together and make a list of all the customer questions you don’t ask and talk about the reasons you don’t ask. Now, how will you find the answers? Are there indirect ways? Or do you need to find the courage to ask directly? What now?

  1. Tara Livingston /

    This is a timely post. We have had a sudden influx of “customers”. Five young couples with children who have all started attending – weekly – since September. The sociologist in me desperately wants to ask them why! I know that I could learn a lot from the answers but can’t quite make the leap to actually formulating the question.


    • Corey Olynik /

      Sometimes a great question shows you care. Sometimes any question shows you care. Or even this – just start the conversation; maybe they’re the ones with the questions! From their questions you’ll get your answers.