The late, great Elmore Leonard (Get Shorty) was once asked why so many people like his novels. He answered, “I leave out the parts readers skip.” Wow. Don’t you wish more business speakers took that advice? Can you?


Are your presentations crisp, concise, focussed? Or, are they top-heavy with details, boringly ensuring nothing is left out? Why not listen to Elmore Leonard and say just enough to keep audiences interested with a goal to get the response, “Tell me more?”

  1. Gord Young /

    One of the many things I am in the process of learning while working with First Nations people, is that they seem to only be interested in the stories people tell that don’t have so many conclusions at the end. They care and less about all the details. They understand that by respectfully listening more to a variety of different people’s views and stories their people can actually learn more about what they believe about themselves and discover WHO THEY REALLY ARE. This is their traditional upbringing.

    Keep Up the Great Ideas Corey!

    • Corey Olynik /

      That’s an insight I need to think about too. We listen so much to gather data or to spring to expressing our own opinions and not nearly enough to reflect on what our hearing says about us. Hmmmmm. Let’s be defined by what we hear rather than what we say!