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As I teach leadership and work with high-potential leaders I often ask people to describe the best leader they’ve ever worked for and the worst. The simple lesson is – do what you’ve seen work and avoid what you’ve seen doesn’t work. But I’ve refined the second part of that conversation – now I ask people to describe a leader they’ve worked for who “just missed.” Think about that.


What if someone answered the “just missed” question with your name? What about your approach to leadership, your attitude with people, clients or systems would cause that response? Specifically, what are you going to do differently beginning today in order to not “just miss?”

  1. Corey, what I’ve found is that the most successful leaders understand their leadership growth is all about process. Effective leaders have ways to receive feedback from trusted members of their teams or even clients. In the leaders mind, they are often close to making decisions that may “Just Miss.” They depend on valuable information and insight.

    Remember John F. Kennedy’s “Just Miss” with the Bay of Pigs? In debriefing, former President Eisenhower, after honest analysis with JFK, determined that he had sought individual counsel with only a few of his generals. “Always, always,” he declared, “speak to them as a group where opinions can be tested and vetted.”

    Robyn T. Braley
    Unimark Creative