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I just got a new set of polarized lenses; I need distance sunglasses for golfing. The magic of polarized sunglasses is that glare disappears – the glare on a pond or puddle, the glare of the sun through the clouds, the glare on a windowpane. I can see beneath the surface. I can see what’s on the other side of the window. I can see what I can’t see normally.


As the leader, is there a lens you can put on to see through the glare in your organization? What must you do to peer beneath the surface, to see beyond the clouds, to glimpse what’s on the other side of the window? How will you filter the glare that surrounds your people, your sector, even the economy and political climate, and step into today with clarity and confidence?

  1. Sharon Richardson /

    Corey, your metaphor that the glare gets diminished by wearing the right eye protection and relating it to how our leaders need to examine the glare in their vision was profound. Thanks,

    Sharon Richardson