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What do your competitors do well? What do they do right? What makes them successful? Sam Walton used to have his key people visit competitors’ stores and report what they do well without criticism.


Specifically, what are your competitors doing well today? Dig into that. What questions are they obviously asking and then answering with impact? Does openness to seeing the sunny side of your adversary’s offering enhance your understanding of your client base? How will you leverage appreciation for strong competition to increase your capacity for innovation?

  1. Great question Corey. Many of my clients are in the commercial construction or theervice side of the oil & gas industry. When I do discovery, I always include this question. “What do your competitors do well?” The followup that stumps them is often this one, “What do your competitors say you do well?” Many aren’t sure.

    On the personal branding side, Flames coach Bob Hartley never slags the opposition. He always finds ways to say something positive or to address a sensitive issue with humor. He knows that slagging them would give his opponents an edge! Robyn T. Braley