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How does your organization tackle the future? I’ve seen three approaches – you can fear it and perhaps design mechanisms you hope will carry you through. You can spend your energy trying to predict it; maybe you’ll get lucky. Or you can invent it, create it, reshape yourselves to define it.


Assuming you haven’t stuffed your head in the sand (#4), what’s your approach to the future? How much time will you devote to innovating, designing, creating the future you want for your business, your clients, your industry? Do you have the courage to make that time? Will you start today?

  1. Sharon Richardson /

    Corey, I agree with you! If we aren’t creating our own future it is being created for us by others. Taking charge of our desired future will not only create great satisfaction in the present moment it will surprisingly mean that we will achieve the future we desire; we go where we look (just like in golf)! Thanks for the post.