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What words do you use when talking about your business or organization? What is your key message to potential customers? All too often, I hear leaders talk about their unique process, their specialized equipment, their brilliant staff. The truth is: that doesn’t matter. Clients want to hear how they will be better off by doing business with you. It’s simple – it’s about them not about you!


Specifically, how is your client better off as a result of doing business with you? What unique results do you sell him/her? If you know the answer, how will you turn that into language everyone (internally and externally) remembers instinctively? If your answer isn’t crystal clear, what will you start working on today?

  1. Hi Corey,
    I really appreciated this question. I wrote a blog a few months ago called, Going Up! Creating a Powerful Elevator Speech. It includes some ideas that may help answer your question. I tried to insert a link to no avail. Just google the above with Robyn T Braley and my blog site will come up. Also some helpful posts about building and analyzing your brand. Thanks