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When will we ever learn? The economy runs in cycles – what goes up WILL come down. Currency values WILL fluctuate regularly. Things around us WILL change. And yet, many leaders react as though these are unexpected happenings with unanticipated consequences. Huh?


What fluctuations can you predict that you avoid thinking about? What changes happen regularly in your industry that you conveniently ignore? How will you do an inventory of those things? How will you prepare for their inevitability? What will you do to give your team confidence that you are on top of the curveballs that WILL come?

  1. Hi Corey,
    Your question really resonates. Our marketing business almost died the first three weeks of January. New projects just weren’t starting up. Then, the last week of January we received a deluge of emails and phone calls as clients and new prospects started figuring out how the oil price would effect their sectors.

    Our economy has been so hectic that many clients have neglected the little things like clear communication with staff and their teams.

    On another front, brand consistency has been allowed to flag. And I’m talking the inner “soul” part of the brand, not the outward “face” of websites, logos, etc. I wrote two blogs about using this time to realign your brand. Certainly interesting times. Thanks, Robyn Braley