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Originally appeared June 16th, 2014

When was the last time the conversation raised the temperature amongst your team? What caused the disagreement? Was it about ideas: ideas worth some heat? Did the outcome make your organization stronger?


Specifically, what will you do to create a culture of “active disagreement” amongst your senior team? How will you seed creative conflict to ensure you and your people are intentional about debating the important things and not trapped in benign group-think consensus? How will you keep it healthy, perhaps even enjoyable?

  1. George Dash /

    A fine question and a fine challenge Corey. Sometimes the Boomers feel threatened by sowing creative seeds so they stifle ‘active disagreement’, which is unfortunate, because in my opinion, this leads to innovative solutions. A great, or even good, leader, would challenge teams to question the status quo, to be ever-curious, and push the limits. The outcome would be some much more rich. All it takes is the first step. This world of business, whether private or public, is moving too quickly for standing still and NOT questioning what we have always done. Real winners vis a vis, effective leaders, would welcome such a discourse! I am told that in the IT world, debate and disagreement are the norm. It has nothing to do with agendas and ‘ownership’, but more for the corporate ‘common good’. After they debate and challenge one another, they carry on with no thought of the exercise. Very inspiring! Again, thanks for the seminal thought!