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Usually it’s just a dreary November interlude; not so this year. Remembrance Day has hit me profoundly. I’ve found myself thinking about real people, their service and our freedoms….my dad and a couple of uncles active in WW2. Also, the love of my wife’s aunt’s life who didn’t make it back and the decades of aloneness that followed. And, for some reason, I’ve been thinking about some people who touched my professional life as it was forming.


Who do you remember? Why? Who was part of creating the you you’ve become? What did they do or say that made a difference? Who will you share their lives with this week? Who else might benefit from your memories?

  1. Wayne Stewart /

    Remembrance day reminds us, once a year, to remember those important to our life and growth, something we should reflect on throughout the year.
    Thank you for this.