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People retire. Equipment wears out. Both are somewhat predictable. Here’s a twist, maybe some of your organization’s offerings will need to be pensioned off or mothballed as well.


If you had to make an “end of life” estimate for each of the major products, programs or services you deliver to clients, what would the date be? Then what will you do? How will talking about this with your team make you more effective in planning for the future and in serving your customer today?

  1. Nancy Mattes /

    Well functioning organizations are relevant, resilient and responsive to changing needs. Organizations who do the hard up-front work of preparing succession plans, HR strategic plans and incorporate a developmental evaluation approach to programs and services will have a stronger connection to their customers and the changing needs of society. Good for you, Corey, for challenging us to think about change and future potential disruptions so that we can create better plans now!