A friend recently heard impressions from a colleague that are inconsistent with what she and her agency have been working to establish. Sadly, that happens to leaders more often than we think. Like it or not, we own the impressions people have of us and our organization; things we do or don’t do create the feelings they have. Yes. They see what they see – our behaviour and actions. We see what we see – our intention and heart. When there’s a disconnect, we’re in trouble.


Think hard. What 2-3 things does your organization do that reinforce feelings contradictory to your intentions? Think harder. Do you say you are approachable but your voicemail messages sound cold and unwelcoming? Do you believe you are client-focussed but you have policies (written or unwritten) that make paperwork more important than people? Still thinking? Specifically, how are you going to deal with your disconnects? This week?

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