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It’s that time of year again. Thousands of college students are buzzing around looking for summer jobs. And many employers have a bunch of dull jobs all ready just for them. Okay. But don’t miss out on the gift of their untainted perspective on things. These kids are bright. These kids are the future. You’re going to need them tomorrow; why not listen to them today?


What if, in addition to the low level stuff your summer students usually do, you have each of them take turns shadowing employees throughout your organization, you included? What if you encourage curiosity and, in return, you ask for their candid observations? What will they uncover? What will they misunderstand? What will they criticize? What will they suggest? What will you do with it all? Are you prepared to see your organization’s future?

  1. Good thought Corey, now if only I would here from the feds re:$$ for a summer student!! STEP funding is sorely missed.