My son and his wife have a cute little Yorkshire terrier.

While not quite five pounds, she is always the centre of attention. (At least she was before our granddaughter was born.) I love it when she comes to visit. You can always tell when she’s excited about things.

Dogs wag their tails when they’re happy, when they are excited, when they are interested. It’s an outward manifestation of their inward feeling. Things aren’t left in limbo; there is no misunderstanding.

What about you? Do people around you know when you are interested in them, in something they are doing? How do you show them; what’s your routine for wagging your tail?

Do people around you know when you are pleased with things? How do you show it?

Do individuals know when you are full of energy and possibility? How does that show up?

This December, let’s all try to be a bit more transparent…..on the positive side. Let’s find our version of “wagging my tail” and do it more often. I wonder what that will breed?


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