A lot of people I consider thought leaders brush off that label saying there are lots of people smarter than they are. Well, that may be so. But here’s something that came to me recently:

“It doesn’t have to be a new insight to you to be a new insight to someone else.”

People are hungry for ideas. People want to look at their world in new ways. You, yes you, have something to share that is new somewhere.

It’s all about the conversation. It’s the talking that creates progress. People sharing their ideas, their learnings, their questions, their challenges. Thought leadership comes from talking more to more people, from asking bigger questions with open ears, from actively listening everywhere (yes, everywhere), and by chasing ideas all around the forest.

Someone has a great idea that can take you to the next level; listen for it rather than search for it. You have the idea that will move someone else ahead, share your thoughts as much as you can. Just be conscious – you can’t fall in love with your own idea. Then it’s not thought leadership, it’s sales!

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