I remember having coffee one day at Starbucks sharing a table with a guy who was writing music. Yes, he was plotting notes, phrases, chords, sharps and flats on the traditional five lined score. It was fun to watch. I remember asking him if he could hear the music he was writing. He said he could. That’s amazing to me. Here he was in a noisy cafe with no musical instrument nearby listening to the music he was putting on the page. He could hum the melody, hear the supporting chords, relish the harmony, experience the subtleties, sense the vibrations.

Can you do that? Not with music. With your profession, with your business, with your agency? Can you put something on paper and sense the way it will all fit together? Maybe a better question is: do you concentrate so intensely on what you are doing that all of the subtleties resonate in your mind?

Maybe it would help to see our work as music for a minute. Maybe we need to listen to what we’re writing, really listen. Maybe we need to make changes while it’s still on the page, changes that make our melody clearer, our harmonies more collaborative and our effect more apparent.

What do you think? Hear?

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