There are so many ways leaders get trapped into management thinking. From time to time, I’ll use this spot to post about it when I see it.

The one that’s on my mind today is captured by this statement: “I wouldn’t ask any of my people to do something I can’t do myself.” I’ve seen that interpreted to mean, “I need to learn how to do everything!” How silly is that? Seriously, I know leaders who obsess about it.

Being “willing to do anything” is not the same as being “capable of doing everything.” Your people don’t want you to know their job, they want you to respect them and their job. Yes, respect.

How do you do that? As leader, you need to see that each task and each person has value. Does the way you ask team members about their work show that you value what they do? Or does it demonstrate something else? Do you show interest in how they contribute to the big picture? Do you ask their opinion when you need to consider something that they work on regularly?

Leaders value their people. Leaders respect their people. Leaders appreciate their people.

How do you measure up?

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