As I write this, a hi-tech camera the size of a jelly bean is working its way through my insides. It will take over 50,000 pictures while it looks for a blood leak in my gastrointestinal system. It’s amazing what smart people can design. (FYI – the camera has a blinking light on it and sends its photos to a tiny computer strapped to my waist.) Hopefully they find something and then fix it.

It makes me think. What are we doing to find the invisible leaks in our organizations? Yes, the financial leaks. But, what about the time leaks. The morale leaks. The quality leaks. The customer service leaks. The missed opportunity leaks. The unconsidered leaks.

If an invisible camera wormed its way through your business and its systems, what might it see?

Okay. Design that secret tool for yourself; what does it look like? How will you illuminate what’s deep inside your operation? Why not try it now? Maybe you’ll find something that, when fixed, might improve your health significantly.

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