I’m excited by new ideas, interacting with them, creating them.

Today’s note is to introduce an exciting new initiative –Thought Leadership for Leaders

Quite simply – this is for leaders and catalysts who want to –
– engage with the latest leadership thinking;
– wrestle with others who value new ideas;
– search together with like-intentioned leaders for even newer concepts, approaches, possibilities;
– create ideas to propel their business, organization and/or practice to new heights.

Join me and no more than 15 others for a half day per month (the third Thursday of each month) from 8:30am until 12noon. I promise –
– a guided thought-provoking, thought-generating, process;
– strategically selected starting points*;
– a curious approach that embraces questions and invites challenge;
– a prevailing sense of what’s new, what’s next, what’s possible.

*Some pre-work may be required, possibly –
– read an article;
– watch a TED talk or YouTube video;
– peruse a website or chase down a web link trail;
– follow a specific blogger;
– who knows where the jumping off points may come from?

Do you fit? Will you benefit?

Corey 2011a

Thought Leadership for Leaders is designed for difference-makers (leaders of vibrant non-profits, enlightened corporations and spunky social enterprises) and for catalysts (coaches, facilitators, consultants, speakers). Participants should be open-minded and pathologically curious, should be committed to personal and professional growth. Only you really know if that’s you.

Your total investment – $1,800 + GST for nine sessions (September, 2012 – May, 2013).

The promise is huge – Thought Leadership for Leaders will be a success if the best idea that leaves the room every month was not brought into the room by any of the participants (including me!). It will be a success when the best idea that leaves the room was discovered, created and/or built in the room that day.

If you are interested send an email today.

Let’s grow our minds. Together.


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