I’ve been thinking for a couple of years about how to engage people in the search for new ideas: ideas about leadership, about impact, about collaboration, about difference-making.

I don’t want to merely talk about “thought leadership” anymore. I want to work there. Be there. Talk with others about there. Create there.

Well, there is here.

This new website is the opening chapter of a re-energized Corey Olynik. Below you’ll see some new posts…a few of the things rattling around in my head right now. As we go, I’ll post something new every few days. What do these things make you think?

On the Inspiration tab and you’ll encounter some of the books, websites, etc. that I’m thinking about right now. Maybe you have some thoughts to add, maybe you have some suggestions.

Follow me on Twitter. I’m going to master that too. Who knows what neat things we might bump in the moment.

Yes, I’ll still publish LifeQues, the weekly question. It’s been coming out every Monday for twelve years now. Hopefully you’ll smack the side of your head once a month and say, “I’ve got to think about that!”

And, here’s my big dream, I want us to have a vibrant conversation. Join in. Share your thoughts about any of the posts, weekly questions, or inspirations. Anything.

I have a reason and a hope in all of this – let’s not just talk about new thinking, let’s create new thinking!

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